horses, riders and dogs

for more safety all around the road traffic!



Great danger in the road traffic!

Don't undervalue the great danger to be seen too late in the road traffic!

Protect yourself by using an active illumination!

Please protect yourself and your horse and make you visible also from a big distance to other road users!

Let you be visible!

Our LED illumination for horses, horsemen and dogs offers the best possible visibility and protection to get seen as early as possible!

Reflexive products aren't sufficient!

Please remember that a reflexive equipment can be good but are reflexing only if there is any light!

Following example:

The dimmed headlights of a car are installed for about 50 meters (without the headlights on full). The braking distance of a car driving 80 km/h is about 40 meters without the reaction distance and in perfect circumstances. That means that a car driver can see a short reflection with traditional products but until he is realizing it, it's already too late!  


With our products, you and your horse or dog can be seen as soon as possible.


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